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Timely and accurate financial reporting are essential to have an efficiently run community. With 360 Property Management you will always know your property's financial position..

Our Accounting Department works closely with our Property Managers to ensure responsible handling of all financial matters, including cash receipts, disbursements, financial reporting, budgeting and enforcement of lease provisions. Additionally, we work together to ensure rent is collected in a timely manner, and will attempt to develop payment arrangements in the unfortunate event that a tenant should fall behind. This helps with both tenant retention and helps maintain profitability. Upon request we can create a customized financial report to fit your property's needs.

Scope of Financial Services:

  • Rent and arrears collection
  • Process deposits & disbursements
  • Bookkeeping reports
  • Bill payments
  • General building operations
  • Budgeting
  • Monitor accounts payable and receivable
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Financial records
  • Monthly summary of building activities

In-House Legal Team

With the recent changes to rent laws taking effect in New York State, it’s important to work with property management and real estate professionals that are experienced, and up-to-date in their policies and procedures. We are not only continuously updating our training, we are backed by an experienced legal team that assists with any legal matters beyond the scope of our expertise or experience. In the unfortunate event that we are forced to pursue non-payment proceedings leading up to eviction, our knowledgeable legal team handles the process from start to finish, ensuring compliance with federal and state laws, and protecting you as a property owner.

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